Alex Ponomarev

Javascript web development notes and experiments

Gitbooks documentation for your open source project

One of the big challenges when working on OSS is setting up documentation workflow. After some time I found a great way to generate html with gitbooks and publish it to github pages

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Notes On Estimating and Planning software projects

Even the smallest project has to be estimated, planned and managed, and even despite that most of the project fail to meet deadlines. This leads to huge stress and sometimes complete failure for the entrepreneur and negative reputation for the developer. But there is a solution!

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From Rails to Express.js

Last 5 years I was creating web apps using with Rails only, and what a good time it was! But during last couple of years I find myself spending more and more time developing for the client side with javascript, using Rails only as an API server, with this time being about 80% after I stared using React. Seems like it's time to start using javascript on the backend as well.

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