Alex Ponomarev
I help non-technical founders build and improve their products.
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I hope my writing will be helpful to you. I'm passionate about software development and building great products, which is what I usually write about.
I am a software developer, designer, and entrepreneur. I got into tech world when I was 14 after getting my hands on FreeBSD distribution. I was a real geek and at 18 I was hired as an admin to manage a network of about 1000 computers at a local ISP. My boss there asked me to create a simple page to get and process messages from clients and I learned HTML and how to create Perl CGI scripts, and after that, I just couldn't stop.
Since then I've started a number of ventures including web development company, full-blown advertising agency, online tv platform with own video production, an e-commerce platform that connected wholesale warehouses with online storefront and a brick and mortar retail shop. Right now I'm a founder of two companies and I try to help others and share my experience as much as possible.

I never worked in an office and I don't meet clients in person. Instead, I work remotely and believe that it's the future of work. I believe in making things better, love helping and learning from others, comparing thoughts and sharing what I've learned, so please feel free to contact me to share feedback, a book, or to say hi.
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